Braking: From the Driver to the Road: 2002

Braking 2002 - From the Driver to the Road reflects the rapid advances being made in road vehicle braking technology, and reports on the latest research and developments into all aspects of braking - from the driver to the road. In the continuing quest for improved vehicle refinement, recent analytical and experimental work into brake noise and vibration is described, and the influence of the friction interface materials and tribology on brake performance and durability is assessed. Contributions to improved braking and increased road safety by a better understanding and exploitation of tyre and road surface properties are examined, together with investigations into vehicle steering and suspension effects. Electrically actuated and electronically controlled systems are presented, including intelligent integrated systems for heavy trucks and energy conserving regenerative systems for light vehicles. The contributors, many of whom are world renowned experts in their field, are drawn from a wide international base in industry and academia, and succeed in bringing together theoretical and practical solutions to the broad spectrum of topics involved in road vehicle braking. Braking 2002 - From the Driver to the Road is valuable reading for all who wish to remain abreast of present and future technical developments in this rapidly changing area of automobile engineering.