Boundary Elements and Other Mesh Reduction Methods: XXVIII

This book contains the edited proceedings of the 28th World Conference on Boundary Elements, an internationally recognized forum for the dissemination of the latest advances on Mesh Reduction Techniques and their applications in sciences and engineering. The book publishes articles dealing with computational issues and software developments in addition to those of a more theoretical nature. Engineers and scientists within the areas of numerical analysis, boundary elements and meshless methods will find the text invaluable. Topics include: Advances in Mesh Reduction Methods; Meshless Techniques; Advanced Formulations; Dual Reciprocity Method; Modified Trefftz Method; Fundamental Solution Method; Damage Mechanics and Fracture; Advanced Structural Applications; Dynamics and Vibrations; Material Characterization; Acoustics; Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics; Heat and Mass Transfer; Fluid Mechanics Problems; Wave Propagation; Inverse Problems and Computational Techniques.