Blowing Hot and Cold

It was midsummer when we first found the body. Martin was twelve then, I was nine, and the man we discovered could have been no older than the combined total of our years. He wore a green uniform and there was a thin scar down one side of his face. He reminded me of my brother. Who is the bible salesman that arrives to the accompaniment of thunderstorms? Why do mysterious figures haunts the ruins on the outskirts of the city? What is the meaning of the prophecy given by the woman in the lunatic asylum? Updating the form of the gothic novel, Blowing Hot and Cold tells the story of Martin, a child growing up though a long and futile war. Told from the viewpoint of five different narrators, both the story of his life and the society he lives in is gradually pieced together. In the process a picture emerges of a world in which dreams, madness and delusion are the only possible responses to the events that are unfolding.