Biotechnology of Lactic Acid Bacteria: Novel Applications

This title represents a broad review of current research onLAB and their novel applications with contributions from a numberof well-known leading scientists. The book encompasses a wide rangeof topics including both traditional and novel developing fields,and provides unparalleled, comprehensive information on newadvances of genomics, proteomics, metabolism and biodiversity ofLAB. Chapters contain state-of-the-art discussions of specific LABapplications such as their use as probiotics, live vaccines andstarter cultures in old and new fermented products. The safety ofthese microorganisms and their interactions with diverse ecosystemsnatural biota are also covered as well as the new applications ofwell-known (bacteriocins) and novel (vitamins, low-calorie sugars,etc.) metabolites produced by LAB.

This book is an essential reference for established researchersand scientists, doctoral and post-doctoral students, universityprofessors and instructors, and food technologists working on foodmicrobiology, physiology and biotechnology of lactic acidbacteria.