Biotechnology and Competitive Advantage: Europe's Firms and the US Challenge

Biotechnology and Competitive Advantage investigates the development of biotechnology in Europe and the United States. It examines why Europe has fallen behind in applying biotechnology, when its scientific capabilities are largely comparable to those in the US. In addition it sheds new light on the wider context of the theory of growth of new technologies. This innovative book brings together a wide range of material concerning socio-economic aspects of the development of biotechnology in Europe and the US. Issues discussed include: * European policy for biotechnology, in individual countries and at the European Union level * risk regulation and the ways in which industry, regulators and non-government organizations manage risk regulation and the perception of risk * the formation and roles of biotechnology firms in Europe and the US and their relative capabilities * gene therapy development in Europe and the US * the impact on Europe of overseas biotechnology research by European multinationals. This book argues in favour of developing an integrated research and development system which will strengthen the research and development capabilities of all the actors involved. This book will be of great interest to science policymakers; businesses and academics studying the development of biotechnology and students of economics and business studies throughout Europe and the US.