Biological Feedback

Clearly explaining the logical analysis of biological control phenomena, Biological Feedback answers questions concerning everything from regulation to logic. This rare monograph presents a formal methodology for analyzing the dynamic behavior of complex systems. The easy-to-read text describes a simple logical formalization called kinetic logic . The reader discovers how this method is used to predict all possible patterns of behavior of which a system is capable. It includes specific conditions required for each pattern. It also explains how to modify an incorrect model in order to account for the observed behavior. The authors give special attention to the two basic types of simple feedback loops: positive and negative. This volume is filled with easy-to-use tables, providing quick reference throughout the book. The subject matter is of great interest to everyone working in molecular genetics and developmental biology. Researchers, immunologists, physical chemists, physicists, electrical engineers, economists, and mathematicians will find this unique text to be an informative, indispensable resource.