Biodiesel Power

Biodiesel in North America is in its infancy. As air quality deteriorates in major centres, governments are scrambling for ways to reduce emissions and are embracing biodiesel in their fleets. Conferences on biodiesel are often 'inaugural', as society begins discussing this fuel in earnest. Lightly touching on the technical aspects of the fuel, its qualities and specifications, the book is largely about the people and stories of the biodiesel movement. It explores the tensions between grassroots activists and their altruistic co-ops the profit minded commercial producers and the voices of agribusiness, and the current administration -- or 'the coalition of the drilling'. Compelling and timely, Biodiesel Power is the history of biodiesel in the making. It will appeal to a wide audience including farmers, truckers, backyarders and commercial producers, investors, politicians and all those concerned about the end of oil.