Between Satricum and Antium : Settlement Dynamics in a Coastal Landscape in Latium Vetus

Series: Babesch Supplements (v.18)
Between Satricum and Antium' presents a study carried out by the Groningen Institute of Archaeology of the territories of two ancient settlements, both situated in the coastal landscape of ancient Latium on the Thyrrhenian seaboard, ca. 60 km south of Rome. Starting with the earliest traces of human presence in the Palaeolithic, the book deals in depth with the settlement dynamics in the area from the Middle Bronze age to the medieval period. Systematic archaeological surveys, studies of existing site inventories and relevant artefact studies are all combined in this well-illustrated volume that provides a detailed account of the appearance of the first permanent dwellings during the Bronze and Iron Ages, of the rise of Archaic and Roman rural and maritime settlement and of the gradual process towards incastellamento during the Middle Ages.