Yakov Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko: Groups of Prime Power Order: Volume 3

This is the third volume of a comprehensive and elementary treatment of finite p-group theory. Topics covered in this volume: (a) impact of minimal nonabelian subgroups on the structure of p-groups, (b) classification of groups all of whose nonnormal subgroups have the same order, (c) degrees of irreducible characters of p-groups associated with finite algebras, (d) groups covered by few proper subgroups, (e) p-groups of element breadth 2 and subgroup breadth 1, (f) exact number of subgroups of given order in a metacyclic p-group, (g) soft subgroups, (h) p-groups with a maximal elementary abelian subgroup of order p2, (i) p-groups generated by certain minimal nonabelian subgroups, (j) p-groups in which certain nonabelian subgroups are 2-generator. The book contains many dozens of original exercises (with difficult exercises being solved) and a list of about 900 research problems and themes.