Benin 900-1897 CE

The Benin Empire, one of the Yoruba Kingdoms, was at its height between 1300 and 1700. It was a highly organized society with a strict social heirarchy. Benin was an area located near modern southern Nigeria, which was founded by the Edo speaking people. The son of the Ife King, Obe Eweka became ruler of Benin and changed the village system of kinship into a monarchy. The great Benin Empire made remarkable achievements in science, administration, technology, political organization, architectures, astronomy and town-planning. However, Benin is most noted for its striking art, which attracted people the world over. Ideally suited for readers age 8+ or teachers who are looking for books to support the new curriculum for 2014. If you enjoy reading about Benin then take a look at Stone Age to Iron Age, The Mayan Civilization, The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and Early Islamic Civilizations.