Befriending Your Ex After Divorce: Making Life Better for You, Your Kids, and, Yes, Your Ex

Paperback / softback
The negative effect that divorce has on kids is most often not the result of the divorce itself, but the negative, hostile, and combative nature of the parents' relationship. Not all divorces need to follow this unhappy script, but all too many do. Befriending Your Ex After Divorce is the guide divorced parents really need to develop a healthy post-divorce relationship with their ex-spouses. This book shows readers that it's both possible and desirable to have a positive, platonic relationship with an ex-spouse long over the dissolution of a marriage. The parents are able to cooperate in raising children, and both parents are able to offer each other support in the wake of divorce. The true stories and practical suggestions in this book show how ex-spouses can become supportive allies and partners through the ups and downs of parenting.