Beat of Urban Art

Justin Bua creates cool art. His wiggly-armed D.J. intently scratches vinyl on a turntable, head and shoulder wedging in place a set of headphones that he is too cool to wear, while surrounded by the tools of his trade. The Beat of Urban Art showcases a motley cast of jazz musicians, homeboys, street hustlers, and neighborhood toughs - from the heavy-lidded Piano Man in his cubist yellow jacket to the slyly romantic El Guitarrista , strumming his acoustic guitar and peering lazily out of his bedroom eyes; from the exuberant nighttime craps players of Green Street to the joyously sneaky grafitti artist entering the subway yard through a hole in the fence in The Artist . With sketches, studies, and narrative explaining how his pieces were created, The Beat of Urban Art takes you into the head and heart of the Toulouse-Lautrec of our times - a man who paints the world he sees with a riot of color and movement that is as unique and modern as the art created by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.