Barr, Biggar, Dalgleish & Stevens: Drafting Wills in Scotland Secondedition

(A BUTTERWORTHS/LAW SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND JOINT PUBLICATION)Written by practitioners for practitioners, this important book covers all matters relating to the drafting of wills. It is both a practical compendium of wills styles and a comprehensive commentary on the law. The text concentrates on practical matters, providing reasons for adopting particular styles and supplying alternative clauses or wording for different circumstances. The narrative is clearly written in contemporary language. It is extensively cross-referenced to the appendix, which contains a comprehensive selection of wills and codicils.New for the second edition: All practical and legislative changes in the last 10 years are incorporated Styles are recast in a much more modern form of drafting and reflecting changes in taxation and execution of deeds, esp. in relation to the Requirements of Writing (S) Act 1995 The problem solving section has been expanded to consider the main schemes currently on offer in relation to will drafting as part of the testator's overall inheritance tax planning