Today & Tomorrow: Autolycus, or the Future for Miscreant Youththrasymachus, the Future of Moralsromulus or the Future of the Childprocrustes, or the Future of English Education: Volume 6: Child & Education

Autolycus or the Future for Miscreant Youth R G Gordon Originally published in 1928. His clear and spirited presentation of the problem should rekindle interest in the subject and help towards legislation... Times Educational Supplement Methods are outlined for dealing with the difficult problem of young offenders. The volume is aimed not only at teachers, doctors and social workers but also parents. 86pp ************** Thrasymachus or the Future of Morals C E M Joad Originally published in 1925. ...outspoken and unequivocal. A book that will startle. Daily Chronicle A study of the conventional morality of the day, prophesying a Puritan revival in morals with intolerance which will lead to the Americanization of England and a great increase in irregular sexual relationships. 86pp ******************** Romulus or the future of the Child Robert T Lewis Originally published in 1929. This interesting and stimulating book should be read by all... Daily Chronicle Concentrating on the pre-school child, this book pays particular attention to the question of the only child and advocates making nursery schools an integral part of our educational system. A guide to psychological and educational theory, this book challenges our accepted ideas of discipline, gives play its true importance in child education and helps the parent or carer in handling issues which most seriously affect the future of the child. 92pp. **************** Procrustes, or the Future of English Education M Alderton Pink Originally published in 1927 Undoubtedly he makes out a very good case. Daily Herald This interesting addition to the series. Times Educational Supplement If everyone receives a higher education, who is going to do manual work? Can a man with a superior education be happy if he has to do heavy work? These are the questions which the author discusses. He also considers whether all children are qualified for anything more than a rudimentary education and discusses the modern day curriculum. 108pp