AutoCAD LT 2004: A Problem Solving Approach with AutoCAD 2005 Update

Both basic and advanced users of the software and industry professionals alike will benefit from this updated guide to the essential drafting skills needed to solve drawing problems using AutoCAD LT(r). This edition continues exploring such basic drafting and design concepts as orthographic projections, dimensioning principles, and plotting drawings, while keeping in mind the heads-up design and Internet features of AutoCAD LT 2005. The inclusion of real-world examples that are in accordance with the newest commands of the software augment the key new features and functions of AutoCAD LT 2005 that are included in a separate Addendum. This book is heavily illustrated to help readers understand the use of toolbars, shortcut menus, dialog boxes, the Object Properties window, and the AutoCAD LT DesignCenter. Detailed coverage progresses from the basics of AutoCAD LT to the advanced features of the software, and concludes with a thorough explanation of Customization, alongside live projects and examples for the advanced user - all in a single volume.