Aussie Slang Dictionary

Australians pride themselves on being easy-going and informal. Their vocabulary with its colour, humour and inventiveness reflects these qualities. This thoroughly entertaining Aussie Slang Dictionary will help you decipher and speak the true Aussie language. Full of dazzling definitions from true-blue Aussies, you'll never be lost for words with this collection of colourful sayings. From aerial ping-pong (Australian Rules Football) to on the wrong tram (to be following the wrong train of thought) and finishing up with some verbal diarrhoea (never-ending blather), your mind will be brimming with useful (and not so useful!) sayings for your next run-in with a true Aussie character. And, for dinki-di Aussies living in the UK, use this book to expand your vocabulary and increase your unique way of communicating. Welcome to the world of Aussie slang - have a beaut, bonza rip snorter of a time reading this book. Updated with over 500 new sayings.