Attacking and Defending Marital Agreements

Focusing on upon the twin legal issues of validity and construction of marital agreements, this carefully researched book offers an in-depth consideration of what happens after the agreement is signed by the two parties. In this book Brett R. Turner and Laura W. Morgan, both well-known legal researchers, explore the strongest arguments the lawyer can use that will result in the most significant benefits for their client, as well as offering drafting tips when appropriate. They provide guidance to the family lawyer faced with making and evaluating arguments on the validity and construction of marital agreements, supported by their extensive case law research. They demonstrate how identifying and making the best argument possible can result in a result that substantially benefits the client and avoids potential problems in the drafting process. Noting the types of provisions that tend to cause problems in court, they also include a 'mini-encyclopedia' of ambiguous marital agreement provisions and discovery materials on the validity of marital and antenuptial agreements that pave the way for further research.