As You Like it: Or a Little Bit of the Unusual

In the early 1950's I worked at the Sunday Times and in advertising in Berkeley Square. I took to the open road with Jean in Lisa and just couldn't believe my luck. Now Jean and I are both seventy-nine and have a wonderful bag of memories to sort over. We are still great friends and have two homes on the same piece of land which is our shared garden overlooking the South Downs. My ever loving and tolerant husband Len, sadly died three years ago but I have a good son Shaun and two lively grandsons, Alfred and Ivan, so I am very lucky. I garden, play golf (on my good days!) Spin fleece and weave it, quite keen on computing though often tempted to throw the fiendish thing out of the window. I am a volunteer worker for the Chichester Area Talking News for the Visually Impaired, visiting listeners and writing occasional scripts. Still go travelling when I can - just back from Equador and the Galapagos Islands.