Approaches to Developing Accessible Learning Experiences

For the past five to ten years researchers have been developing tools and guidelines for developing accessible e-learning experiences for students with disabilities. Despite this, very few practitioners in higher education are confident that they know how to develop accessible e-learning experiences. This is prompting researchers to work with practitioners in order to develop meaningful approaches to addressing accessibility; ones that facilitate the development of a clear conceptualisation of why and how practice can be changed to meet the varied needs of students. This book describes these approaches and explores the extent to which they might challenge current thinking and understanding. Topics covered include: * approaches to developing accessible multimedia and learning objects * holistic approaches to developing accessible e-learning and blended learning experiences * institutional and programme approaches to addressing accessibility issues. Exploration and discussion of these topics will challenge practitioners to reconceptualise their understanding of 'best practice' in relation to accessibility and e-learning and offer directions for future practice and development. This book was previously published as a special issue of Alt-J.