Anti-Social Behaviour and Disorder: Powers and Remedies

Anti-Social Behaviour: Powers and Remedies is an exhaustive review of the powers and remedies available to public sector and private sector bodies in the area of anti-social behaviour. It uniquely sets out the powers and remedies of many different public/private bodies including housing, planning and environmental health authorities and the police. Increasingly, local authorities have been given more general powers to deal with of anti- social behaviour in other areas. * Brings together in one source the powers and remedies of many different public/private bodies * Covers Anti-Social Behaviour Orders * Supplies an array of practical aids such as checklists, standard forms, reference grids and protocols to ensure nothing is overlooked * Deals with all the processes involved, from the conduct of investigations and evidence gathering to how to prosecute * Incorporates a wealth of developments since the previous edition, such as the Secure Tenancies (Notices) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2004 and procedural changes arising from the new CPR 65 * Discusses important recent case law such as Manchester City Council v Romano, Samari * Easy to understand - accessible to non-qualified legal officers as well as solicitors, with case studies clarifying the text * Reproduces key relevant legislation so it can be consulted easily