Animal Antics: A Photo Expose

Ever wonder what really goes on among our four-legged friends after we leave the room' In Animal Antics, the secret is finally out. The animals are having a ball-and reading this book, you will too. Cats ride scooters, ducks dance the cancan, beagles lounge at the spa, and, yes, dogs do play poker! Behind this shocking exposi is veteran photographer (and digital-manipulation wizard) John Lund. Lund uses amazing digital sleight of hand to endow a menagerie of animals with eerily and uncannily human qualities. The text of the book is equally playful with tasty morsels of advice like Learn to pamper your soul, Sharpen your survival skills, and Chill out as needed. Many of the images in Animal Antics have been featured in a best-selling greeting card line of the same name.