Anger Management in Sport: Understanding and Controlling Violence in Athletes

Control the anger - channel the energy. Anger Management in Sport is a provocative book which challenges long-held assumptions. With its accessible format and proactive approach, this is an ideal resource for practitioners at all levels of sport who work with athletes and anger, both on and off the field. The author draws on his unique background and clinical experience, creating anger management programmes for a variety of populations, from school athletes to prison in-mates. His unique insight will stimulate discussion on a range of issues associated with anger in sport. You will understand not only how to approach an anger problem, but also how to help an athlete work to manage emotions. Real-world situations presented in the text will engage and help focus on how to use anger management skills in your own lives and careers. Step closer to discovering best practices and strategies for anger management in today's sport. Although helping athletes deal with anger is an important part of sport, there is little research to address the key issues regarding this difficult subject. This book will shed much-needed light on an uncharted issue and provide direction for future research in the area.