Analysis and Design of Digital Systems with VHDL

This text applies VHDL, a widely-accepted hardware description language used in industry, to the study of digital logic and design at the undergraduate level. Allen Dewey presents digital engineering concepts and systems in the context of a top-down design process that moves from concept to realization using specific, step-by-step procedures. The text introduces and explains digital concepts and systems in the first three parts of the book, and then demonstrates how VHDL is used to model these concepts and systems in the latter three parts. As a result, this 'dual-track' presentation helps students build a critical new 'skill set' for industry using a hardware description language (VHDL) to specify digital systems in formats that powerful computer-based design automation programs can process quickly. The book's organization of conceptual and VHDL-related material also makes it easily adaptable to one or two term/semester courses, and a variety of teaching approaches.