Adenauer's Foreign Office: West German Diplomacy in the Shadow of the Third Reich

On March 15, 1951, some eighteen months after the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany, a small ceremony took place to mark the official establishment of its Foreign Office. The creation of the Foreign Office under the newly appointed Foreign Minister, Konrad Adenauer, tells us much about the possibilities and limits of professional diplomacy in the mid-twentieth century. Recounting the prehistory and creation of the West German Foreign Office, Thomas W. Maulucci's study explores three of the central themes in the early history of the Federal Republic: the integration of the new state into the international community, the cooptation of German elites by the new political system, and the creation of government in a state under foreign occupation. Based on extensive new research in German, American, British, and French archives, Adenauer's Foreign Office is the only English-language book of its kind. Of interest to scholars and students of German history and politics, this book is a treasure trove of new insights into postwar diplomacy, international relations, and the possibilities and limits of creating a new government after losing a major war.