A Woman's Answer to Anger: Getting Your Emotions Under Control

Women who struggle to control an explosive temper, wish they could take back angry words, or don't understand why they're so upset all the time will find solace, comfort, and hope in A Woman's Answer to Anger. Annie's story of her own struggle with anger will help others who are tired of letting little irritations set their emotions on fire. As readers journey with her toward peace, they'll learn how to conquer intense emotions, negative words, and angry actions. They will be inspired by real-life situations and guidance from Scripture, and discover how to... gain control of what they say, do, and think fix problems created by an angry reaction deal with irritating people who treat them poorly A Woman's Answer to Anger communicates without condemnation that it's possible to put anger in its place and get on with the joy of living. Formerly Putting Anger in Its Place