A Brief Tour of Everything You Need to Know about the Economy

With today's global economy in an uproar, it's harder than ever for busy managers to know which corporate and economic indicators matter most to their businesses. What are the key drivers of today's global financial system? How might they fuel your company's growth? What dangers do they present? If you can't answer these questions, you can't make informed decisions or take strategic action. In Brief Tour of Everything You Need to Know About the Economy Joel Kurtzman identifies and explains the economic principles every manager must grasp to recognize and seize emerging opportunities, mitigate risk, and lay the groundwork for weathering large-scale crises. For example, Kurtzman identifies: What profits really tell you about your company and its position relative to competitors How small changes in capital markets can make or break your enterprise What opportunities and risks come with fluctuations in global currency values How banking regulations and the Federal Reserve are reshaping business Armed with this concise, engaging guide, Kurtzman shows you how to distill relevant data from the flood of information you receive each day--and use it to make the right decisions for your company.