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Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Alexa Singing Doll
Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Alexa Singing Doll A Secret Door to a Fantastic World When Princess Alexa enters a fantastic new world through a brilliant but secret door, girls enter a new world with her. In the story, Barbie and the Secret Door, Barbie stars as a shy princess who works with a mermaid and fairy to save the magic of this neon-bright fairytale land. This doll captures that magic with a glamorous light show and music from the movie! Make Princess Alexa doll wave her wand to hear two song clips from the movie.View larger Her gorgeous dress lights up and dazzles in neon glitz and sparkles.View larger Song-sational Fun! Girls simply wave the translucent pink wand in the doll’s hand to start the show. The princess doll will play two song clips from the movie while her bodice lights up with a gorgeous glow! Girls can sing, dance or play along. Brilliant Beauty and Neon Glitz Lights on or off, Barbie doll looks perfectly pretty in a full-length gown with a brilliant floral print - neon glitz and touches of sparkle really let her shine. Detailed flowers on the pink translucent bodice add extra glitz. Her exquisite tiara is the final crowning touch! Features Capture the magic of the new DVD Barbie and The Secret Door with this gorgeous Princess Alexa doll. Wave her wand to hear her sing two song clips from the movie and see her bodice flash with lights. Doll wears her gorgeous neon glitz dress. The shimmery bodice, flower accents and shiny skirt enchant with brilliant neon colors. Recreate magical moments from the film! What’s in the Box? Barbie doll with lights and sound feature, wearing fashion and accessories. Princess Alexa's gown looks beautiful lights on or off!View larger Relive the Fairytale Fun! Girls will love recreating favorite scenes and imagining new adventures for this delightful princess who ventures through a secret door and into a world of magic. Collect other characters and sets from the line to expand the world and the fairytale fun.
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Barbie Fairytale Mix and Match Dress Up Playset
Barbie can transform into a fairy with pink detailed wingsView larger Mix and match enchanting bodices to complete one of three looksView larger Fashion and Fairytale Fun From land to sea to sky, this fairytale set is filled with fairytale fun. Merging storytelling with fashion, this set includes Barbie doll with three complete fantasy looks. Dress her as a princess, mermaid, or fairy - or mix and match to create new and imaginative characters. Some pieces have sparkle, others are decorated with fabulous details, but they all look fabulous together. 18+ Looks With three complete outfits, girls can create more than 18 different looks. Three snap-on bodices include a sparkling pink bodice with sweetheart neckline, a white bodice with “beaded” straps and colorful luxe design, and an ombre halter bodice with textured filigree and gorgeous pink wings. Dress Barbie doll as a princess using the floor-length ombre skirt with its pretty princess print. Create a fairy look with the pink tutu-like skirt with layers of sheer ruffles trimmed in silvery thread. Dive under the sea with the mermaid tail that glistens like the sea in sparkling turquoise with sheer blue fins. From Princess to Mermaid to Fairy Complete a character’s look and style with the included accessories. In addition to the tail and wings, a princess tiara in signature Barbie pink, matching pink pumps and matching fairy shoes adorned with straps and flowers help to complete the fashion and fairytale stories. Mix-and-Match Fun! All of the pieces mix and match to look fabulous in any combination, making this a great gift to give and receive. Options are limited only by girls’ imaginations. Go from once upon a time with a princess to happily ever after with a mermaid who flies, a fairy who swims or a princess who moves between them all! Collect other mix and match dolls (sold separately), including ballerinas, princesses, fairies and mermaids, to expand the possibilities to fantastical proportions! Barbie doll shimmers with her sparkling mermaid tailView larger Product Features: Create fairytale characters and stories using this Fairytale Dress Up set!This Barbie Princess Doll comes with two additional fashions - a complete mermaid look and a fairy fashion - for a total of three looksMix and match to create 18+ unique looksIncludes Barbie doll, one bodice with wings, one additional hard bodice, fairy skirt, mermaid tail & fairy shoesExtend the options by mixing and matching with other Mix-and-Match ballerinas, princesses, mermaids and fairies (sold separately)
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