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Orchard Toys Shape Snap
Most people are familiar with the traditional game of 'Snap', which involves trying to match your card with that of another player. Shape Snap makes the game particularly appealing to young children, and helps them to learn about shapes, colours and counting along the way. The game is particularly suited to players aged from 3 to 6, but the colourful illustrations will appeal to much younger children as well, who will have fun identifying shapes, colours and images in the pictures. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players; all the 48 cards are shuffled and dealt face downwards to each player. The first player turns their top card over and places it in front of them, picture side up. Each of the other players does the same in turn. If a player sees any two top cards that match, they quickly shout "Snap", and the first person to shout wins all the cars from both of the matching piles, which they place at the bottom of their own face-down pile of cards. Once children are familiar with the different shapes, they should also call out the name of the shape, i.e. "Star snap!" The game ends when one person has won by collecting all the cards. The cards are beautifully illustrated using bright, bold colours, and show a range of different shapes, some familiar, such as circles, squares and diamonds, and some more obscure, such as hexagons, cubes and cones. The cards are large, approximately 13cm x 19cm, and many of the pictures will show more than one example of the shape - you could ask your child how many stars they can see on the card. The game will help your child with maths and English (there is an educational guide on the box), and the cards can be used for so many other fun and educational activities.
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