LEGO Technic 42021 Snowmobile

A Snowmobile that can tackle the toughest obstacles, this has independent suspension as well as powerful caterpillar tracks and front skis. Get ready for off-piste action with the ultimate Snowmobile!A super-cool Snowmobile for off-piste winter fun, this great model has suspension for each of the two front skis as well as a rear track to help it over any obstacle. There are also new elements, like a steering arm, steering bearings and a steering lock, and with aggressive, ripped-effect decals, this realistic 2-in-1 model would be right at home with the coolest off-road bikes and other extreme sports equipment! Rebuilds into a Snow Motorcycle.- Features independent suspension for each front ski and a rear track- Check out the cool ripped-effect decals- Includes exciting elements like steering arms and steering bearings- 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Snow Motorcycle- Snowmobile measures over 3 (9cm) high, 9 (24cm) long and 5 (13cm) wide