Zero's Neighbour

Zero's Neighbour is Helene Cixous's tribute to theminimalist genius of the artist in exile who courted nothingness inhis writing like nobody else: Samuel Beckett. In this unabashedlypersonal odyssey through a sizeable range of his novels, plays andpoems, Cixous celebrates Beckett s linguistic flair and thepoignant, powerful thrust of his stylistic terseness, andpassionately declares her love for his unrivalled expression of themeaningless precious little of life, its unfathomablebanality ending in chaos and death. Poised between a critical essayand a textual performance across two languages adapting Beckett'sown literary vein, this book will appeal to scholars, critics andcreative writers as well as students of the greyself-Sam . Its allusive intertextual insights will also proveto be of critical relevance to readers of Dante and Proust, amongother literary figures, as much as to those appreciative ofCixous s own inimitable genius for dissecting thequintessence of the life and works of a neighbourly artist.