Youth Policy in a Changing World: From Theory to Practice

International in scope, this book examines evidence-based youth policies, and it presents a systematic and interdisciplinary reflection on what has been termed the magic triangle, i.e. the relationship between youth policies, youth research, and practical youth work, based on the necessity of organizing knowledge exchange between different actors in the youth field. On this basis, researchers from across the globe analyze and discuss the contexts and strategies of youth policy development, the theories that underlie youth policy, and the models and impact of youth policy in different societies. This study includes: an analysis of the impact of economic, social, and cultural change on young people in different world regions, locations, and social contexts * an explanation of the theories of youth that underpin youth policy * a discussion of strategies for the development and implementation of youth policies in different world regions * an evaluation of the impact of current youth policies at regional, national, and international levels, while identifying gaps and misalignments in youth policy * an analysis of applied models of cross sectional policy and practice in the youth sector, describing policy development processes and ways in which professionals can influence policy * an examination of the contributions of youth research to the development of evidence-based youth policies in areas such as values, employment, participation, citizenship, migration, social exclusion, and vulnerability. *** This well-edited, important collection of empirical research adds to the understanding of the long-term effects of youth policy in a globalized world. Highly recommended. - Choice, Vol. 50, No. 12, July 2013