Your Home Business: Insights, Strategies and Start-up Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Working from home is the smart career move of the 2000s.Are you looking for a change? Why not join the one million Australians and 200 000 New Zealanders who have already escaped the grind of the daily commute and corporate life to set up their own successful businesses at home.Photographers and web designers, plumbers, artists, artisans and architects, writers, caterers, gardeners, consultants whatever your calling, you can be your own boss and work from home.Read about the experiences of other home business operators to learn all the inside information on starting and running your own business from home, including:- getting started in your business with minimal cost- setting up a work environment- keeping work and home life apart- marketing and promotions- using the internet to advertise and promote your home-based business- and much more!This invaluable book will help you begin your promising new life today as a successful home-based entrepreneur!