Your Guide to VA Loans: How to Cut Through the Red Tape and Get Your Dream Home Fast

In 1944, Congress enacted the GI Bill to thank the men and women who served in the armed forces for their hard work and dedication. One of the most valuable benefits included in the bill was the VA Loan. But bureaucracy and stringent procedures have made applying and qualifying for these loans complicated and unwieldy. Your Guide to VA Loans is the first book to guide veterans through the process. Readers will discover how to determine whether VA loans are right for them, how to apply, and how to deal with common problems that arise. Mortgage expert and author David Reed has more than 30 years of experience helping buyers navigate complicated loan processes. Complete with a guide to regional resource centers, sample loan applications, payment tables and a glossary of terms, this seminal guide will help all veterans fully enjoy the benefits they need and so richly deserve.