You Own the Power Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the ForceWithin

Each of us comes into this world endowed with breathtaking gifts: the power of intuition; the power to sense the invisible world around us; the power to create energy and use it to heal ourselves and others. Sometimes, these amazing gifts go undeveloped or get blocked by human emotion and childhood experiences and we need a wise teacher to shine a light. For many years, Rosemary Altea has been that teacher, guiding thousands of students in their quest for self-empowerment. You Own the Power is a groundbreaking work of self-help, comprised of simple, effective, and proven exercises that will teach us what we need to know. We learn how to release stress and find peace, locate our energy and build it up, develop our visualisation skills, fine-tune our attitude, savour our commonsense and tune into our sixth sense. Woven into this rich 'how to' tapestry are miraculous stories of the spirit world: the time Rosemary spoke to one of the victims of tWA Flight 800, her chilling conversation with two brothers who died in a Nazi concentration camp and much more. You Own the Power illuminates the truth about the power of thought and how it affects the well-being of others and ourselves. Rosemary Altea is an internationally renowned spiritual medium and healer. * New York times bestselling author of the Eagle and the Rose, Proud Spirit and the Gift of Healing. * Author has a devoted following