Yale French Studies, Number 111: Myth and Modernity

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Editors' Preface Dan Edelstein and Bettina Lerner Mythomania and Modernity Part I: From Nation to Republic Bettina Lerner Michelet, Mythologue Leon Sachs Teaching to the Choir: The Republican Schoolteacher and the Sanctity of Secularism Tyler Stovall The Myth of the Liberatory Republic and the Political Culture of Freedom in Imperial France Part II: Reading Revolution Marie-Helene Huet The Face of Disaster Dan Edelstein The Modernization of Myth: From Balzac to Sorel Edward Berenson Fashoda, Dreyfus, and the Myth of Jean-Baptiste Marchand Part III: Mythical Selves Goeran Blix Heroic Genesis in the Memorial de Sainte-Helene Natacha Allet Myth and Legend in Antonin Artaud's Theater Jean-Marie Apostolides Herge and the Myth of the Superchild Lawrence Kritzman De Gaulle's Memoires: Self-Portraiture and the Rhetoric of the Nation