Xivth International Congress On Mathematical Physics

In 2003 the XIV International Congress on Mathematical Physics (ICMP) was held in Lisbon with more than 500 participants. Twelve plenary talks were given in various fields of Mathematical Physics: E Carlen On the relation between the Master equation and the Boltzmann Equation in Kinetic Theory ; A Chenciner Symmetries and simple solutions of the classical n-body problem ; M J Esteban Relativistic models in atomic and molecular physics ; K Fredenhagen Locally covariant quantum field theory ; K Gawedzki Simple models of turbulent transport ; I Krichever Algebraic versus Liouville integrability of the soliton systems ; R V Moody Long-range order and diffraction in mathematical quasicrystals ; S Smirnov Critical percolation and conformal invariance ; J P Solovej The energy of charged matter ; V Schomerus Strings through the microscope ; C Villani Entropy production and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation ; D Voiculescu Aspects of free probability .The book collects as well carefully selected invited Session Talks in: Dynamical Systems, Integrable Systems and Random Matrix Theory, Condensed Matter Physics, Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Operator Algebras and Quantum Information, String and M Theory, Fluid Dynamics and Nonlinear PDE, General Relativity, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Spectral Theory, Path Integrals and Stochastic Analysis.