Yale French Studies, Number 114: Writing and the Image Today

Table of Contents Patrick Bray: Aesthetics in the Shadow of No Towers: Reading Virilio in the Twenty-First Century Jean-Jacques Thomas: Photographic Memories of French Poetry: Denis Roche, Jean-Marie Gleize Sjef Houppermans: Tanguy Viel: From Word to Image Nina Parish: From Book to Page to Screen: Poetry and New Media Jean Duffy: Closed up and close(-)up: Jean Rouaud's Books of Revelation Liesbeth Kortals Altes: Traces: Writing the Visual in Daewoo by Francois Bon Jan Baetens: Of Graphic Novels and Minor Cultures: The Freon Collective Hugo Frey: For All To See : Yvan Alagbe's Negres jaunes and the Representation of the Contemporary Social Crisis in the Banlieue Vinay Swamy: The Telereal Republic: Nation, Narration, and Popular Culture in Benmiloud's Allah Superstar Ari J. Blatt: The Revolution will be Televised, or Didier Daeninckx's Cathode Fictions