Writing at Work: Effective Business Documents

Many of us come across as stupid. We are not all actually stupid, of course, but because many of us cannot write well, or because we cannot write good resumes, sales letters, business reports, etc., we can easily appear to be unintelligent.Specifically: We often don't know how to apply techniques scientifically proven to persuade others;We often cannot write fluently, and therefore waste time; We may regularly break many of the subtle writing rules; Our letters are often ambiguous; andOur correspondence may be dismissed by others because we cannot write concisely. Business writing and communication, although one of the key skills in the workforce, is often the most tedious to learn.Writing at Work: Effective Business Documents, fortunately, applies a novel and unusual approach. It recounts an exciting adventure in which the reader is the main protagonist, striving to solve a murky but intriguing case. During this adventure, the reader is exposed to many insights on business writing, and learns how to construct a variety of letters persuasively, swiftly, precisely, succinctly and engagingly.