Writer's Digest 2008 Annual

Here are some of the highlights you'll find on this easy-to-use CD:
  • Write your novel from the ground up: Pen your tome in just 15 minutes a day. Plus: Novel revision in 10 pain-free steps.
  • The pop fiction report: Find out what's hot in mystery, romance, horror, thriller and sci-fi/fantasy.
  • Explore our favorite writing locales: Your guide to literary hot spots--and the 101 best websites you can access from home.
  • Break into Hollywood: Turn your idea into a screen-worthy script. Plus: WD's annual guide to writing software.
  • 28 agents who want your work: Get tips on landing a literary agent, avoiding agents' pet peeves and more.
  • The brave new world of publishing: Get savvy about the era of ebooks and the uncertain future of print magazines.
Plus, you'll get even more invaluable information and insight from these popular columns:
  • Inkwell
  • Writer's Workbook
  • Your Story
  • Ask the Pro
  • First Impressions
  • This Writer's Life
  • On the Edge
  • The Sentence Sleuth
  • Questions & Quandaries
  • Postscript
All 6 issues are in PDF format, so they'll work with both PC and Macintosh computers with the free Adobe Reader.