World, Self, Poem: Essays on Contemporary Poetry from the Jubilation of Poets

World, Self, Poem collects the best of the essays submitted by poets and scholars from around the US and Canada, and beyond, for presentation at the Jubilation of Poets festival celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland State University Poetry Centre in October 1986. In this collection, 18 critics consider the works of a number of important postmodern poets and, using various approaches, confront some of the central problems posed by the poetry of the past 25 years. John Ashbery, Wendell Berry, Edward Dorn, Robert Duncan, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Louise Gluck, Adrienne Rich, Denise Levertov, Gary Snyder, Gerald Stern and William Stafford are among the poets who receive detailed attention in these essays. The questions addressed include political involvement and non-involvement, the theme of nuclear annihilation, the poet's use and misuse of history, poetry workshops in Central America, the I in contemporary poetry; the pastoral vein in contemporary poetry; the nature and implications of concrete and found poetry, analogies of poetry and music.