World Religions: A Historical Approach

Paperback / softback

A clear and straightforward account of each of each of the major religions, set in a historical framework.This book provides a descriptive style and approach - every chapter offers students a cohesive and engaging narrative of a particular religion. As in previous editions, Nigosian presents the historical and cultural context in which beliefs and rituals developed to create a complete and absorbing portrait of each religion's developmentIt includes traditional viewpoints and scholarly commentary - the views of leading scholars in the field provide a counterweight to the historical narrative, enabling students to see how others perceive each religion.It offers coverage of religion in everyday life - looking beyond the religious doctrine of holy leaders, the text shows students how religious belief influences all segments of society in every aspect of daily life, with a particular focus on gender roles.It contains scriptural excerpts - woven extensively throughout the text, excerpts from the sacred writings of the religions provide original source material and excellent springboards for class discussion or writing assignments.A concise, balanced, and reasonably priced introductory text, World Religions takes a historical approach to the ideological and cultural aspects of several religions. More than just a collection of facts about beliefs and mores, this unique text offers students a complex portrait of each religion, with scholarly viewpoints interspersed throughout.