World Economic and Social Survey 2014: Reducing Inequality for Sustainable Development: 2014

The World Economic and Social Survey 2014 is focused on the issue of inequality in the broad context of the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. More specifically, the Survey provides in-depth analysis of the interconnection between inequality and the sustainability in these three dimensions, in terms of preventing recurrent macro-economic recessions and financial crises, strengthening social cohesion within societies, mitigating carbon emissions and safeguarding the planet's eco-systems. The Survey proposes a number of policy measures to reduce inequalities through sustainable development approach, including promoting employment and decent jobs, providing public education, and redistributing income, as well as reallocating assets. While pursuing greater equality is one of the fundamental values that are universally recognized, the Survey suggests that policy frameworks to reduce inequality would need to be designed and implemented in accordance with country-specific circumstances.