Working with Older People: Guidelines for Running Discussion Groups and Influencing Practice - A Resource Pack

Current government policy on public services, academics and organisations of older people are all highlighting the importance of new ways of working which support the active participation of older individuals in the governance of their affairs. Working with older people offers a guide to the promotion of participation through discussion groups. This jargon-free, hands-on resource covers the following areas: launching a discussion group; recruiting participants; preparing for meetings; running meetings; and influencing practice. Each can be used as a stand-alone guide. Together they form a complete set of guidelines to establish a project from scratch. The guide shows how working with older people can impact on practice, develop confidence and skills and be fun. The user-friendly format means it can be used by groups run with, or without, academic or professional facilitation. Although focused on the involvement of frail older people, it can also be used by other groups of potential and actual service users. Working with older people is a tool for practitioners, policy makers, service providers and researchers. Voluntary, self-help, campaigning and interest groups run by or for older people should also find it useful.