Working Mandarin for Beginners

Major Features: - Twenty-four lessons, including five review lessons. - Clear objectives for acquiring language skills, grammar, and cultural understanding. - Lessons cover important basics, such as introductions and greetings, counting, reserving a hotel room, taking public transportation, and asking for directions. - Lessons cover business tasks' such as coordinating and conducting meetings, selling products, and negotiating agreements--all in Chinese. - Lessons provide dialogues and vocabulary lists for reading and listening, language points, cultural points, pronunciation drills, and interactive homework. - Course concludes with a special independent project in which the student applies the language to his or her area of business study. - Pinyin is used throughout so students can start speaking Mandarin immediately. - Includes some basic lessons in the formation of Chinese characters. - Course can be combined with affordable online access to self-grading exercises (available through Teacher's Edition - Includes a CD-ROM with all MP3 tracks of dialogues, vocabulary, and audio exercises found on the students' disk. - CD-ROM also provides quizzes and exams (including necessary audio), approximately 500 supplementary PowerPoint slides for classroom use, and creative guidance for conversation practice, mini-immersions, and skits. Online Teaching Features At Quia.Com - Instructor-managed class activities and exercises. - Monitoring of student progress. - Customized grading options online. - Students can complete exercises online, submit their answers electronically to their instructor, and receive automatic feedback. -Teachers can also use Quia templates to build their own exercises or use exercises developed by other instructors to provide added help for students. - Motivated self-directed learners can also access the self-grading online exercise at (no instructor feedback will be provided).