Working it Out

'I am not so much of a sucker for Self-Help books. I am a bit jaundiced with the notion that we must all be successful and have to strive to be better every waking hour. A world where everyone is socially skilled, in good humour, has straight teeth and is the correct weight to slip into their designer clothes and brightly coloured sports cars seems unbelievably false. 'But I do know that people are finding the ordinary things that happen to us throughout our four score on this planet difficult at times. I know it because I am a bit past half-time in my life and I've been around the block a few times. 'So it seems to me to be a good time to put down a few thoughts on some difficult issues...If you are making a reasonable fist of life like the rest of us and every now and then try to make a change for the better then hopefully you will have a few thoughts provoked!!' Topics include: office dynamics, confidence, motivation, change, finding yourself and daily mental work-outs.