Women in Transition: A Study of the Experiences of Bangladeshi Women Living in Tower Hamlets

Drawing on interviews with over 100 first generation migrant women in the London borough of Tower Hamlets (home to the largest population of Bangladeshis in the UK) the report: * presents the first detailed study of this significant ethnic minority group; * identifies the pressures facing women as they juggle competing demands from younger and older generations; * addresses particular concerns such as the barriers to adopting English language within the community; * highlights the issues for those involved in service delivery; * demonstrates the range of issues to be considered when trying to access minority ethnic communities for the purpose of research. The report will make fascinating reading for those working in the field of minority ethnic research, where studies of this depth are still comparatively rare. It will also be of particular value to policy makers and those involved in the delivery of services, as well as academics, students and practitioners with an interest in minority ethnic groups, women, and problems of social exclusion more generally.