Witness in a Gentile World: Study of Luke's Gospel

To complement their highly successful study of Mark's gospel, Witness in a Pagan World, Eric Johns and David Major have now turned their attention to Luke, the first century chronicler of the Christian message, and once again demonstrate how our understanding of this most accessible of the gospel writers is enhanced by placing him within the context of the age in which he lived. As with their earlier volume, Witness in a Gentile World has been developed for students studying for GCSE. Written with the requirements of the National Criteria for Religious Studies in mind, the books has sections which focus on the relevance of Luke's gospel to contemporary Christianity, with many of Luke's concerns - the meaning of discipleship, wealth, and the role of women in the Church - still central to the debate within the Church today. The illustrations, and the questions at the end of every chapter, have been designed to extend the reader's knowledge, and together encourage an understanding of the issues raised by Luke's writing and of the influences that acted upon him.