Wireless Networking: A How-to-do-it Manual for Librarians

Series: How-to-do-it Manuals (No. 131)
Wireless networking is the wave of the future, and many of us - even if we are technologically inexperienced - now find ourselves having to implement or expand these networks. This manual is designed especially for librarians. Here you will find practical advice on why libraries should go wireless, as well as essential background information about what you need to know. The authors offer useful information on network topologies, protocois, and transfer rates, equipment options and costs, and the advantages/disadvantages of each, planning and implementation, and other technical concerns. Common library issues such as compatibility with campus-wide initiatives, tying in with Ethernets; interfacing with PDAs and other handheld devices, and printing are also addressed. Included with this manual are a wide variety of planning tools such as implementation worksheets, cost control charts, and timelines. This important guide is a vital tool for any 21st Century library.