Windows Store App Essentials: Give Your App the Windows Difference

Give your app the Windows Store difference. Windows Store App Essentials provides you with all of the practical information that you need to make sure that your app takes advantage of all of the unique features of the Windows Store environment. Starting with practical advice on app design and working within Microsoft's Modern UI guidelines, the book carries on to cover making the most of Live Tiles, integrating with the Charms Bar, and using Live Connect to enable a seamless user experience. Windows Store App Essentials is a developer-focused book that provides a clear understanding of what is essential to publishing applications to the Windows Store. With the information and code walk-throughs you will learn to apply the concepts covered in the book in real-life situations, providing a concrete understanding of the unique services, charms, and contracts used in Windows Store Applications. The book covers: * Application design * Live Tiles * Authentication Broker * LiveConnect * Charms * Contracts What you'll learn * Core Concepts of Windows Store Apps * Security and identity * Application design essentials * Live Connect * Use of Charms and Contracts Who this book is for Windows Store App Essentials reaches a wide range of developers from novices to experienced app creators. It is for developers that want to learn how to leverage Microsoft tools to develop applications for the Windows Store.