Windows PowerShell in Action

HIGHLIGHT Written by one of PowerShell's creators, this revised and updated edition of the top-selling PowerShell book covers the latest version 2.0 features. DESCRIPTION Windows PowerShell transformed the way administrators and developers interact with Windows, allowing them to script administrative tasks and control Windows from the command line. It's now a daily timesaver for anyone working with Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and other mission-critical tools. Windows PowerShell in Action, Second Edition shows how to build scripts and utilities to automate system tasks or create powerful system management tools to handle the day-to-day tasks that drive a Windows administrator's life. This updated edition covers the latest changes in PowerShell 2.0, due in October 2009, with full chapters on remoting, modules, events and transactions, and the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment. KEY POINTS P Author Bruce Payette is one of the founding members of the WindowsPowerShell team, co-designer of the PowerShell language, and the principal author of the PowerShell language implementation. P Microsoft's PowerShell program manager said the first edition had all thesecrets of PowerShell. P Up to date with new features in version 2.0 including deeper coverage of commandlets (cmdlets) and more of the popular usage scenarios throughout the book.